Welcome to the new Junaid Iqbal Memon Blog


Welcome to the Junaid Iqbal Memon Blog

Here we are going to provide you with the latest news about Junaid Iqbal Memon and the trends in property development in the UK and in Dubai. If you want to keep track of recent trends and the latest information on property and real estate developments and investment where you are, make sure to check our blog regularly. 
Junaid Iqbal Memon
Junaid Iqbal Memon has been involved in property development for quite some time. Presently based in London, he manages and owns a considerable number of properties and businesses not only in the United Kingdom but also in India and in Dubai. He also has a number of residential projects under his belt. 

Watch the video below to learn more. 

Hailing from a business-minded family, he decided to venture into several entrepreneurship opportunities. Seeing the possibilities in property and real estate development, he established the company in 2014. Find out more about Junaid Iqbal Memon online and you can check Junaid Iqbal Memon on his Crunchbase account here.

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